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Storage Conditions and Safety Monitoring

CLIENT: German multinational tire manufacturer that recently invested in new infrastructures to increase the production capacity of high performance tires.



  • Control the storage conditions and quality of the raw materials;
  • Protect workers’ well-being and ensure compliance for noise (occupational safety and health regulation).

END-TO-END SOLUTION: Design, development and deployment of an IoT Solution, based on PULSUS IoT Platform, proprietary technology of Techsensys. For the collection of real-time data, industrial sensors have been installed for monitor environment conditions at different locations and phases of the production cycle.



  • On-premises deployment;
  • Back-office with customized dashboards for decision support with KPI widgets;
  • Real-time alerts (SMS, e-mail);
  • Thresholds’ configuration logs.


  • Greater control: 24/7 live monitoring information and alerts;
  • High quality: Reduced risks of nonconformities;
  • Operational Efficiency: Reduce auditing and operational costs;
  • Safer Environment: Enhance health and safety compliances.

GLOBAL IMPACT: The environmental conditions of the production process are critical for tires’ quality.

By ensuring proper storage and quality process control, this manufacturer is raising the safety standards of those who use their products on the roads all over 64 countries.