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Smart Exhibition Centre

CLIENT: Museum of Communications (Portuguese Communications’ Foundation). Casa do Futuro(House of Future) is a permanent exhibition created to demonstrate how it will be a house in a future where technology can improve our quality of life.


CHALLENGE: The Foundation wanted to modernize the exhibition with a solution that demonstrates the state of the art of IoT and increase the interactive experience.


SOLUTION: Creation of voice commands and their integration between Amazon technology (Alexa) and the Exhibition’s automation* system not prepared for integration with third parties systems (integration with legacy hardware).

Design, development and deployment of an IoT Solution, based on PULSUS Platform, to analyze the interaction between visitors and the house.



  • Voice commands to control doors, lighting, blinds, and windows glass opacity;
  • Recording and counting interactions between visitors and the house;
  • Automatic reports and statistics.


  • Increased visitor’s engagement: Updating of the technological level and the purpose of the exhibition;
  • Better user experience: More interactivity with voice as a user interface for automation;
  • Boosting KPI Analysis Performance: New data sources to evaluate in real-time each visit and participation/interaction’s rates by visitor type.



Museums and exhibition centers can benefit from the new data sources generated by IoT to ensure the safety and conservation of their heritage and to tailor their spaces, cultural offerings and products to those who visit them.