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Precision Agriculture Solution

CLIENT: AgroInsider is an innovative company that provides agronomic consultancy supported by satellites and sensors’ data.


CHALLENGE: Create a tool to support the agronomic consulting service provided to its clients.

Create a new business model, taking advantage of a solution to create a new service for other consultants who want to get new solutions.


END-TO-END SOLUTION: Design, development and deployment of an agronomic monitoring tool to automate AgroInsider’s process of collecting (images and metadata from ESA satellites), processing and providing information to its clients.




  • Automation of the information generation and delivery process (ESA satellites’ images and metadata) for each field parcel:

– Map automation for each Project/Crop/Plot.

  • Multi-user;
  • Adaptive UI (User Interface) through dynamic workflows based on user profile in order to provide a richer UX (User Experience);
  • Clients’ management module;
  • Multi-tenant;
  • Integration with 3rd parties.


  • Operational Efficiency: Less manual work in generating and delivering of information;
  • Business Scalability: Increased responsiveness worldwide;
  • New service/business model: The multilevel access to information extended the platform to B2B (professional clients – agronomists and consultants) who resell the information and platform access with the consultancy on top.

GLOBAL IMPACT: Each terrain and culture has its own specificities. Through technology, AgroInsider’s clients can achieve higher yields in a sustainable way, by improving productivity and quality while reducing costs and ecological impact (fertilizers, water, pesticides, etc.).