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We empower your digital transformation with IoT

We deliver IoT solutions to address your ideas, problems and business goals. Whatever it is, we’ll be there with you, putting data and your things working together to create results. With Techsensys, you can focus on the business layer of your digital transformation. Our PULSUS IoT Platform, knowledge and expertise on delivering IoT end-to-end, will do the rest.

Energy Consumption Management

•Monitoring of energy consumption and costs per building, area or equipment;
•Monitoring of reactive power and power factor (efficiency);
•Analysis of consumption patterns;
•Automated alerts of anomalous energy consumption;
•Consumption and costs forecasts;
•Information permanently updated for reports with data export (XLS).

Warehouse and Storage Management

•24/7 automatic and continuous monitoring of environment conditions;
•Safeguard the storage conditions of critical materials;
•Real time alerts and notifications of events that may compromise quality or damage stored materials (high temperature, water leak, open door,among others);
•Information permanently updated for reports with data export (XLS);

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Health & Safety Management

•24/7 automatic and continuous monitoring of workplace’s environmental conditions;
•Real time alerts and notifications of events that may compromise the wellness, health and comfort of your workers (noise, air quality/gases, luminosity, among others);
•Information permanently updated for reports with data export (XLS);

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Agriculture Management

Solution under development


•24/7 remote and continuous monitoring of agricultural production conditions;
•Meteorological conditions;
•Irrigation needs;
•Irrigation’s water quality;
•Growth levels of plants and fruits;

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Looking for a custom IoT project?

There is no one-solution-fits-all and we know that the IoT application differs across companies and industries.

  • Techsensys’ team has many years of experience in IT projects, building and delivering connected solutions for different business’ areas to address the specific goals and requirements of our clients.
  • PULSUS IoT Platform give us the flexibility to design multiple solutions that fit to your operations and business goals.

Success cases from cross-industries

Since its foundation, Techsensys is moving Things forward in such distinct areas as industry, cities, and agriculture. Together with our clients, we create global impact solutions, improving businesses, life quality, and resources sustainability.

Storage Conditions and Safety Monitoring

The environmental conditions of the production process are critical for tires’ quality.

By ensuring proper storage and quality process control, this manufacturer is raising the safety standards of those who use their products on the roads all over 64 countries.

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Precision agriculture solution

Each terrain and culture has its own specificities. Through technology, AgroInsider’s clients can achieve higher yields in a sustainable way, by improving productivity and quality while reducing costs andecological impact (fertilizers, water, pesticides, etc.).

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Air quality monitoring in London

These more efficient solutions make it possible to deploy denser monitoring networks to provide more data and direct feedback of a city’s air quality and pollution reduction policies fit into Digital Cities initiatives.


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Smart Exhibition Centre

Museums and exhibition centerscan benefit from the new data sources generated by IoT to ensure the safety and conservation of their heritage and to tailor their spaces, cultural offerings and products to those who visit them.


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